Inspired by Green

Spring is in the air, it feels so good! I am ready to put away my fur blankets and pillows and usher in some bright color into the apartment.  Green is my color of choice and as it’s St Patrick’s Day this week it felt appropriate to share some inspiration.

Hello little green teacup and freshly cut greens! Adding just a few accessories can really look so beautiful.

This next living room is spring perfection. Breezy, white slipcovered couches accented with a punch of green. The lightweight curtains make the room feel so airy, and that subtle print on them is so great. I’m saying a big yes to green and white!

Oh my trellis print! The imperfect lines are so ideal to bring a modern pattern into a country space.

This space wants to brings out Martha in me: organized, sterile and fresh. Everything a perfect pantry should be :)

I think I could sit at this desk in this next space for hours. Green and neutrals make such a fresh and inviting statement.


Maybe adding some green in the house will not only add a little life to our neutral home , but possibly a little luck in my life too, as HGTV did NOT knock on my door! I’ll keep you updated as I add some green around the place.

How will you be changing things up for spring?


3 Responses to “Inspired by Green”

  1. LB Says:

    Green and white… so beautifully fresh! This spring, I am trying to lighten up… both figuratively and in my home. I am continuing to work on my goal to truly clear out and update each room. I am also working on new organizational strategies–especially in my master bedroom. The artworks in my home also need refreshing. It’s time to either make or purchase something new for my walls. :)

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Yes all of the sudden I can’t stand to look at my red wreath from Christmas & Valentines. I’m feeling the green too.

  3. Victoria Says:

    That green stenciling is lovely! I would just adore doing it in my dining room. Thanks:)