Investing in Decore Accessories: Glass Cloche

Recently, I purchased a glass cloche from the thrift store. It is enormous and something I bought on a whim. When leaving the store I found myself asking, “whatever shall I do with you?”

Well I’ve been thinking…

For March and April we’ll get ready for spring and Easter by displaying a nest with fresh greenery.

In May, you’ll help make my apartment feel closer to the ocean than it actually is.

In June we’ll picnic, and bring you along just to look pretty and to keep the flies at bay.

 Oh and let’s not forget to use you as a centerpiece for all those garden party we’ll be having…haha…

See, you’ve inspired me already! I knew you were a good investment!

Don’t you love it when you use the same piece over and over? It makes me happy knowing I spent my pennies well. I just know I’m not going to regret this $2 cloche. Do you have any piece around the house that are so versatile you never tire of them?




3 Responses to “Investing in Decore Accessories: Glass Cloche”

  1. LB Says:

    What fun ideas! I’d definitely say that was a good investment!! :)

  2. nik Says:

    Brilliant ideas, and thankfully dust-free. :)
    My piece would be a cherry wood music stand I made many years ago. It’s been lovingly banged up just enough to give it character and it has held everything from children’s art masterpieces to vintage family photos to bundles of freshly-picked lavender. I could never part with it. :)
    Your blog is wonderful…truly luminous and a joy to visit…cheers!

  3. AmberJ Says:

    I just noticed one of these at my friends house – it was full of silver christmas bauballs and even tho its not christmas I thought it still looked cool :)