Magazine Monday: April

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing weekend. We are excited to share our favorite finds from our monthly subscriptions.

First up this month is Emily’s favorite article from Country Living on personalized rubber stamps.

I have loved personalized rubber stamps ever since Sarah designed one for her wedding. She included it throughout the event from invitations up through favors at the reception. This article from Country Living had a few really cute ideas for personalizing stationary:

How adorable and useful would this be?!

Every time I write our return address on an envelope I remind myself I need one of these, but adding a cute sketch of your house! Adorable! Ok, probably don’t want a personalized design of our 70’s apartment but maybe one day when we have a symmetrical colonial :)

This next idea is so superbly simple and I love it.  A personalized stamp with just your name. So old school and classy, I just love it.

I think a really bold block script would be a nice modern twist to this traditional idea as well.

I love this circular ‘from the library of’ stamp..have always loved this idea,

Am trying to think of some way to mark our DVD’s like this. They somehow walk out of the door and I never remember where! This article inspired me again to get at least one made, I think I’ll at least get one for our address.

Custom stamps are available lots of places online. The ones featured in Country Living are from HERE and HERE. We recommend designing your own and having a local company create a stamp for you for a fraction of the cost.

McGee’s Stamp and Trophy‘s website is equipped to upload your artwork and have your stamped shipped to you.

This month’s House Beautiful was packed with pretty fabrics rooms and decor but nothing jumped off the page as this ad:

Ok, I admit that I may have a slight obsession with pretty cakestands/domes/cloches, but aren’t they just beautiful?! I directly went to Macy’s website to check out Martha’s new collection.

Now I am even more excited to look in the new Macys at City Creek on Thurs!

Now for Sarah’s finds:

This month’s magazines are all about the garden. It makes me both overwhelmed and inspired to see so many lush greens. I’m starting some seeds this week, and this year my goal is to eat summer salads stocked from my own garden.

In Martha she mentions historical seeds from Monticello, that may have been the same variety that Thomas Jefferson used. I think the packaging is adorable, and would make a perfect additon to any spring gift basket.

Also this month getting in shape seems to be on everyone’s mind. I’m not the best at hitting the gym, but with the swimsuit months fast approaching and cadbury mini eggs now in season I’m in need of something.

This article in Parents gives suggestions to a highly efficient workout that only takes 15 minutes a day.

For that amount of time, I won’t even bother thinking up an excuse I’ll just get to work. :)




3 Responses to “Magazine Monday: April”

  1. LB Says:

    Great finds, thanks!! I definitely want a personalized stamp. The cake domes are adorable with thousands of uses, and the historical seeds… Are you kidding?! How cool is that! As for exercising… well, that’s on my “to do” list and never seems to get crossed off completely… ;)

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I want all those stamps! Magazine Monday is great.

  3. Sally Says:

    I like the stamps a lot as well- they would be a good fix to my 8-year-old-boy-looking handwriting…