Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Sale

While we were at the amazing City Creek last week we stopped by Macy’s to check out Martha’s new cakestands. Along the way, I saw her newly designed Le Crueset knock-offs and had a good inspection of the workmanship.

I was liking what I was seeing and then remembered last year when posing the question ‘To Le Creuset or not’ you helped me decide to go for the real thing. I decided to wait and buy an extra large Le Creuset when we buy a house and will need bigger pots and pans for entertaining.

Then I got the call…from Sarah, saying a Macy’s 2-day sale is currently on, slashing the prices on Martha’s cast iron. The 6 quart ‘buckwheat’ dutch oven I’ve been eyeing is only $75 today only; comparable Le Creuset: $265 at Williams-Sonoma!

I am torn. At this price how can I refuse to give it a try? Especially with free shipping on a $99 purchase. Can I bring anyone along? Or are you all sticking to your Le Creuset stance?

One Response to “Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Sale”

  1. Terri Says:

    It’s an expensive ‘mistake’ if you don’t like them! BUT I can’t really see what the difference would be……they are enamelled cast iron, just like Le Cruset.

    If you do want to try cast iron cooking, then now is a great time because it is such a good deal. Even regular cast iron (non enamelled & cheaper) will cook the same, the priciple of cooking with cast iron is that the ‘fumes’ from the cooking source (electric, gas, open fire etc) cannot ‘taste’ the food! It’s simply the ‘best’ way to cook!