Crumpets for Tea

One of my favorite foods when I was a wee lass, was toasted crumpets. Sometimes mum would serve them with melted cheese on top, and sometimes just with butter and jam. Simple and delicious.

But it wasn’t until our lastest trip to Seattle that we found a little crumpet shop at Pike Place Market, that served them with pesto and tomatoes. Oh boy, I fell in love all over again! My childhood fave all grown up!

Since then they’ve been our “go-to quick-fix” meal in the Faubus house, as it takes less than 5 mins.

I toast them first, then spread a thin layer of pesto. Add 1/2 a deli slice of cheese (we like Muenster or Havarti), then add a couple of sliced tomatoes. Broil till cheese is melted then finish with a pinch of grated salt + pepper.

We stock up at Trader Joe’s whenever we’re in Cali (they’re only $2.25 for a pack of 8), and freeze them. But I’m thinking homemade would be even better, so I’m going to try THIS recipe as soon as my stock runs out.

Do you have any childhood faves that you’ve added a grown up twist to? We’d love to hear. :)

2 Responses to “Crumpets for Tea”

  1. john Says:

    They look so good – I could just eat one for breakfast!

  2. LB Says:

    Yum!! :)