Gallery Wall for Spring?

Hi folks! I am contemplating a project and need your help deciding whether to proceed…

Here’s the deal: I have been saving a gazillion thrift store frames that were left over from another project. They have been crowding the apartment for sometime now and I need to use them or get rid! When I first purchased them, I was thinking of painting the frames white so I didn’t mind the 70’s oak wood; but now I am liking a mix of wood frames together to create a more rustic and vintage vibe.

I’m going for this type of look:

I also have some beautiful floral prints from an old book I found at a thrift store. All of the prints are: yellow, peach, and coral roses. They have been eagerly been waiting spring to displayed.

Since I have been dreaming about a gallery wall in the living room, I’m thinking these old frames and pretty prints could mix well together. I am hoping the cohesive prints will balance out the mix of wood/less than attractive frames and make a big statement. I also think the mix of wood would bring a little masculinity to the feminine prints (you guys know my house would be completely white, pink and gold if I could…poor Brad).

I am worried about wasting time by getting the prints in the frames, up on the wall, and then hating it. But, if it does work I’d be happy to invest the time, since the prints were $1 total and the frames were $.50-$1 each.

This is the layout I am thinking:

Should I give it a try? Or just donate the frames back to the thrift store without looking back?

Thoughts please!!!

4 Responses to “Gallery Wall for Spring?”

  1. rachael olson Says:

    Do it!!! I love those prints! Can’t wait to see!

  2. Eddiek Says:

    It pains me to think about the time spent gathering all those frames, only to donate those right back! But I’m a thrift store junkie so what do I know. I think it’s worth a shot but if you’re just going to take those back to the thrift store, I’ll gladly take those off you :)

  3. Sally Says:

    I think you should go for it. But if you don’t, and want to consider me as the thrift store recipient (and just cut out the middle man) then I’d be happy to take a stab at the project myself!

  4. Kimberly Says:

    You might as well practice in your apartment. You’ll be less eager to make holes in the wall in you next place. Or do I have that backwards?