Have You Been Watching?

Now that the evenings are getting rapidly longer, my energy level is perking up and I’m much less inclined to spend the evening in front of the telly. However, there are two shows Em and I are head over heels for, and simply can’t get enough of…are you watching?

First, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis:

This guy was the star of Flipping Out; a show about flipping houses but with more drama and swear words (beeped out) than you can imagine. We quickly fell in love with Jeff for his brutal honestly, short temper, and insane interior design talent. Do you remember when we went Casa Vega to see his work?! See HERE.

His new show Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis is even better than his last. We get more Jeff along and his assistant Jenny, as they spend a week moving in with a client family as they completely transform a room or two. It’s an intense journey, but Jeff keeps us cracking up along the way. The final reveal of the space is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and leaves us drooling every time.

Then there’s Giuliana + Bill:

What started out a cute show about an adorable couple, quickly became more intense when the couple decided to share their unexpected journey of infertility. As we began to follow them through their journey, we fell more in love with their relationship, attitude and sense of humor.

This season kicked off a couple of nights ago, when Giuliana shared her new challenge of being diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a bit of a tear jerker, but ultimately the show ended feeling upbeat, with their positive attitudes ready to conquer all. It really is inspiring to see such a devoted couple face real life changes with grace and bravery.

We simply think they are AMAZEBALLS (we stole your word Giuliana :).

Visit HERE, and HERE for more details about these shows.

One Response to “Have You Been Watching?”

  1. LB Says:

    I haven’t watched these shows, but they sound great. I did see Giuliana and Bill interviewed about their experience with cancer. They seemed like a grounded, loving, and brave couple. I’m sure the show is thought-provoking. Thanks for the viewing tip. :)