How to put 90% off Clearance to Good Use

You all know we LOVE our sales, but we really do freak out over clearance. Yesterday I was in my local Target and noticed that the Easter stock had gone to 90% off, while I was celebrating and happy rooting through what was left, I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only one in the isle, I wanted to scream “90% off people, you can’t get better than this!”.

Then I looked at what I was purchasing, and thought maybe people didn’t need what I needed, or maybe they just wouldn’t use it the way I would. If that’s the case, we wanted to share a little secret that we think is quite nifty.

As always we try to look at things differently, in a more useful way for us. Chocolate is never a bad thing, especially at 90% off, however you may not want a chocolate bunny or Santa hanging around the house, even if the shelf life is pretty long.

So, what do you want hanging around the house? How bout some chocolate chunks for baking? Simply chop up your chocolate, and seal in a ziplock.

What you see pictured is 7oz and cost me 39 cents…that’s way cheaper than the regular chips. :)



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