In attempt of making things a little more green around here, I’ve bought a few plants.  I know succulents are old news when it comes to home decor, but I couldn’t help sharing.

Although I come from a long line of green thumbs, every living plant I have brought into the apartment has lived a very a short life. I am hopeful these low-mai plants will be happy and healthy in the the center of our coffee table for at least a few months.

I found these little succulents at Ikea for $2.99. The dark terracotta plant pots are from Walmart for $1. I think they would make a great under $5 present tied up with twine and a tag.

I am also liking this look of succulents in hurricane vases, another option for the coffee table during hot summer months. Have you had any experience with these plants? Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Succulents”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Is it funny that I like to comment on our blog?! Anyhow Em, water them until they are drenched and then leave them for a few days until they are completely dry and do it again. I had one of my succulents for over a year, and I wasn’t really looking after it at all, so I think you’ll do great. :)

  2. LB Says:

    Do succulents need a lot of natural light? I would love to give them a try, but I need plants that would do well in the shade. Any ideas?