Organization Tip: Sterilite 6 Quart Storage Box

Today we are happy to share a fantastic organization tip.

$1 storage boxes from Sterilite. We use them in almost every organization project we tackle and are pretty much obsessed with them…

In our opinion they are the greatest ‘Holler Dollar’, bang for your buck item you could ever buy to instantly bring order into your home. They are absolutely perfect to corral small items from batteries and hardware to bows and toys.

Hello organized craft cupboard!

They are also fantastic to streamline a closet. Shoes, belts, jewelry, anything.

We have zero storage space in our bathroom so I keep extra makeup, toothpaste etc in my closet. I just organized them into these boxes and am so happy with the result. They stack perfectly on my closet shelf and I glammed them up with gold brackets from the Martha Stewart Avery line at Staples.

My next project is going to be our electronic cords that are ALL over the house. I always think I will remember which cord goes to my brand new camera but I never do! I am hoping for a result like this:

We find our $1 Sterilite’s at Walmart or Big Lots. Other stores carry similar boxes, but we are big advocates of the durability of Sterilite. We recommend you buy just a few boxes every time you are at the store and work on one space in your home at a time.

This way you don’t get overwhelmed, feel satisfied within a few minutes of organizing, and are eager to move on to a different space.

Do you have any place that needs organizing? Give these boxes a try and let us know if you need any help mail[at]boxwoodclippings[dot]com.


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