Small Space Storage Solutions: My Nightstand

Today I am going to share how they are one of my storage solutions for living in a small spaces. Remember my love of glass cabinets? They are my new favorite thing to help things keep orderly around here.

By using glass cabinets with containers inside to categorize different items it is easy to create a highly functional space. A glass door is ideal to close on the clutter, and being able to see what you need clearly is a number one priority in maintaining order.

My Mum found these nightstands on clearance at Target when we were engaged. They were pretty, insanely cheap and had a lot of storage..sold! I have absolutely loved them.

Everything I need for my bedtime routine is just an arm’s reach away plus their is plenty of extra storage for small things (secret stash of chocolate).

Surprisingly, this space stays way more organized than any other cupboard in the apartment. Having a glass door forces you to put things where they’re supposed to be. The sides of this cabinet are also glass, creating a light so nothing can get lost.

Most importantly, closing that cabinet door and having all that clutter contained helps me breathe a little easier in our tiny space. For those of you struggling with need a few glass cabinets in your life!

One Response to “Small Space Storage Solutions: My Nightstand”

  1. LB Says:

    That’s a great solution! I try to keep my nightstand cleared from clutter, but I end up with chapstick, books, lamps, writing materials, water, tv remote, etc. Well, you get the idea. Thanks for the tip!