In the rising temperatures of the past week I have noticed a lot of awnings going up on the older homes in our neighborhood. I am simply loving the look.

It seems like awnings on homes are a trend of the past. Nowadays they are mostly used for shop fronts and cafes.

I suppose this is due to modern air conditioning, the time and expense for placing awnings over windows and doors each summer, as well as the cost of replacing them as I’m sure they get considerably worn by the sun over time.

Here are three reasons why I think awning are still pretty cool (haha, no pun intended)

 1. Aesthetically pretty and summery.

2. Provide shade + conserve electricity.

3. Allow you to use outdoor spaces such as patios or decks in high temperatures.

Do you have any experience with awnings?  Do the pros outweigh the cons or is there a reason for the dying trend?

2 Responses to “Awnings”

  1. Terri Says:

    They can be REALLY expensive to buy and install, that’s the number one con, but I’m sure eventually they pay for themselves on saved energy. They also protect the exterior woodwork, and paintwork on a home extending the life of costly house painting projects.

    If you like to take advantage of the outdoors, especially when the sun beats down, they can extend your living space nicely making eating Al Fresco possible during those wonderful hot summer months.

    Here are couple of inexpensive, and alternative options that we have used. We have a large patio door in our master bedroom that leads onto a rooftop deck. In the afternoon when the sun on the door can really heat up the room, rather than crank down air conditioning to accommodate the heat, we erected a metal framed/canvas topped gazebo directly outside the door, providing not only shade, but a new useable area for sitting, working, and eating, utilizing a previously unusable space at a fraction of the cost of a fitted blind.

    The second bedroom has a smaller glass door with insufficient room for a gazebo, so we bought an inexpensive roller blind (the kind that you find at the hardware store, usually white Vinyl or Reed) over the outside of the doorway. which can be dropped down when needed, then rolled up when not, giving full access to the door.

    I’ll take a couple of photo’s and endeavor to post them, to demonstrate!

  2. LB Says:

    Fabulous! :)