Get the Look: Pottery Barn’s Stripe Duvet vs. Ikea’s Emmie

I saw this bedroom in the recent Pottery Barn catalog, and instantly wanted to take a nap. So summer breezy, and relaxing.

The duvet cover is the eye catcher, but at $149 it’s out of the question on this student budget.


Have no fear, Ikea is near! Their twist on the classic stripe is to add a gingham on one side. This really adds a nice touch, as you can swap out the look as often as you make your bed. To top it off, their set includes pillow covers and it’s priced at only $39! See HERE.

There’s no doubt the Pottery Barn would win on quality; but if you’re looking for a quick switch, we’d go with Ikea, especially if it’s just seasonal.

Have you fallen in love with a look that’s out of your budget? Pop us an email, and we’ll see if we can suggest a thrifty version.


One Response to “Get the Look: Pottery Barn’s Stripe Duvet vs. Ikea’s Emmie”

  1. Bri Says:

    So cute! Love the khaki and white gingham. Great find Em. Thanks.