Gift Idea: Costco Peonies

I was so happy when we set a wedding date for the end of May…I knew my favorite flower the peony would be in season for my bouquet.

Unfortunately, we had an extra long winter that year…Corona del Mar Florist had to search long and hard to find my precious peonies! I was stunned at my beautiful bouquet and will never forget how beautiful it was.

Three years later I still get excited for Peony season. We celebrated our anniversary last week and I came home to the most beautiful peonies from Brad.

I was extra happy when I inquired where he found them. Costco. Holler Brad! $8.99 for six of the most incredible peony blooms I have ever seen, making this the best gift idea EVER!!!!

Thank you Brad, for knowing me so well and for three happy years.

4 Responses to “Gift Idea: Costco Peonies”

  1. LB Says:

    Happy anniversary, Emily and Brad!

    Peonies are among my favorite flowers too. I’ll look for them the next time I head to Costco. :)

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Pretty pictures, great deal, like the personal story.

  3. Shari Says:

    Happy Anniversary Emily and Brad!

    I love your blog and always learn from it.
    Now peonies will remind me of you!

  4. Liz Connolly Says:

    love peonies!