New 7-Eleven Slurpees

Don’t you just love getting a Slurpee in the summer? For me, it brings back a thousand memories of midnight 7-Eleven runs in college and lots of date nights with Brad.

Have you seen the billboards around for the new 7-Eleven Slurpee flavors? I was a total sucker and headed straight for the closest sticky-floored 7-Eleven to try them out.

I am happy to report the new flavors are delicious.

With my watermelon-obsessed husband loving the new Watermelon-Lime and the sugar-free Mango for me, 7-Eleven may be seeing a little more of us this summer! What’s your favorite summer treat?

One Response to “New 7-Eleven Slurpees”

  1. Helen Says:

    Mcdonald’s ice cream cone ;)