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New 7-Eleven Slurpees

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Don’t you just love getting a Slurpee in the summer? For me, it brings back a thousand memories of midnight 7-Eleven runs in college and lots of date nights with Brad.

Have you seen the billboards around for the new 7-Eleven Slurpee flavors? I was a total sucker and headed straight for the closest sticky-floored 7-Eleven to try them out.

I am happy to report the new flavors are delicious.

With my watermelon-obsessed husband loving the new Watermelon-Lime and the sugar-free Mango for me, 7-Eleven may be seeing a little more of us this summer! What’s your favorite summer treat?

A Story of a Seed

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

I’m a person who believes in many things. Some real, some maybe not…but I always lean on the more believing side of things. Things like the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot, don’t sound as off the charts to me, as maybe they do to a lot of you. But there’s somethings I don’t really believe in, and it’s weird because I totally know these things are real, just not when it comes to me. Things like planting a seed, and it actually growing.

About a month ago I was outside with the chill of the evening, handing Brock pumpkin seeds one by one, he was planting them as fast as possible into the ground. Other than a few miniature attempts, this was our first real shot at gardening or growing anything. We’d manage to plant two rows of four seeds, but now the sun was fading fast and we were both eager to return to warmth. As we got in the groove, the planning process became much faster, and suddenly I was down to our last seed.

Before I hurried it down our little assembly line, I gave it a little kiss and said “grow little seed, grow”. Brock then placed it  in the ground, covered it with dirt and fertilizer. Just as he had with the 24 that went before.

Two weeks later we had a our own little miracle…

young green leafs, breaking through the ground.

And suddenly I was a believer. Even if it was just one success out of the 25.

That night while I was dozing into bliss, I suddenly remembered my lunatic moment of talking to a seed, and even the kiss, and then it hit me…the seed I talked to was the ONLY one that had sprouted. And then I felt very proud that I perhaps had a hand in our little miracle.

It took almost two weeks later for the others to appear. And although we’re happy to see them, I still have my favorite. :)

A Modern Baby Shower: Decorations + Food

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

When I’m throwing a party, decorations are a must, but they don’t have to be a budget-buster. In fact, here’s how I decorated using mostly items that were already purchased for the shower.

These checkered beverage napkins doubled as a banner. I simply cut the napkins in half, hung them from a strand of ribbon, and secured them with tiny clothes pins.

The garland was made by stringing gum balls, which were left over from the invites (see HERE), and separating them with shortened paper straws.

The display above our kitchen island was made from: paper lanterns and Christmas baubles that I already had; a green dot garland, made with stickers and ribbon; and silver lids (used for aluminum food containers), to make the bigger dots.

They were all strung with baker’s twine, which was again left over from the invites.

The food was mostly made by Tyler, Kumari’s hubby. It was an unusual shower feast of bbq ribs, corn, etc. … that didn’t even last long enough for a photo!

The desserts were more traditional and equally delish! Perfect and delectable cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy (our favorite local cupcakes), and homemade mini fruit meringues.

The invites and favors for the shower can be seen HERE and HERE.

We were happy with how easily this party came together. With adorable products, and just a bit of imagination, it’s nice to create such fun events.

Again we’d like to remind you that Gygi is offering our readers 10% off all online orders. Just use the promo code “BOXWOOD10” at checkout. Check out what we got below:

Complete list of products used from Gygi:

Baker’s Twine, $13.99; Candy Boxes, $8.99 for 25; Gumballs, $10.99 per 3.5 lb bag; Taffy, $7.99 per 3 lb bag; Decorative Bags, $5.00 for 20; Paper Straws, $9.99 for 144; 7″ Round Card Stock Lids, 15¢ each; and Black Checkered Beverage Napkins, $3.99 for 50.

A Summer Classic: Old Navy Plaid Shirt

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

The classic plaid shirt is a fashion statement that never goes out of style. This summer is no different, except I am seeing the casual plaid being dressed up in new sophisticated ways.

Old Navy has THE MOST PERFECT lightweight plaid shirts available right now.

I bought one about a month ago, and literally cannot stop wearing it…to the Laundromat with cut-offs, date night with jeans, and off to church nicely tucked in to a pencil skirt.

With its flattering cut, no layering tanks required, lightweight and durable fabric, price tag of under $25, and go-with-anything style it is my number one clothing pick this summer.

On the future hot days that will soon be upon us I think you will like it too!

Get the Look: Pottery Barn’s Stripe Duvet vs. Ikea’s Emmie

Monday, June 18th, 2012

I saw this bedroom in the recent Pottery Barn catalog, and instantly wanted to take a nap. So summer breezy, and relaxing.

The duvet cover is the eye catcher, but at $149 it’s out of the question on this student budget.


Have no fear, Ikea is near! Their twist on the classic stripe is to add a gingham on one side. This really adds a nice touch, as you can swap out the look as often as you make your bed. To top it off, their set includes pillow covers and it’s priced at only $39! See HERE.

There’s no doubt the Pottery Barn would win on quality; but if you’re looking for a quick switch, we’d go with Ikea, especially if it’s just seasonal.

Have you fallen in love with a look that’s out of your budget? Pop us an email, and we’ll see if we can suggest a thrifty version.