$5 Fabric Sale in Salt Lake City

Last week I heard a rumor that there was a fabric store in Salt Lake City with a 50% off sale. As I am currently looking for fabric for my Louis chairs as well as slipcover fabric for these sofas I thought I better go check it out.

Located at 2253 S 500 E, Design Company Fabrics was insane! They are having a drop-down sale where price per yard drops every week. I was happy with the selection, and extra happy to find these fabrics on sale for $7 a yard.


The stripe is a gorgeous linen that I am going to scotchgard with this and use on the front of my louis chars. I am hoping for an end result something like this Ballard Design Louis chair:

Have any of scotchgarded fabric before? Have you liked the result?

The chenille damask is so luxurious, and will be for the back of the oval on the louis chars.

I am tempted to use the ikat print for the back of the oval instead, as it matches really well with the stripes. I think I better take my own advice and use the ikat for throw cushions instead?

If you are in need of some inexpensive fabric today, July 23rd marks the first day of drop-down price of $5 per yard at Design Company Fabrics!!! I think I might need to take another look…

If anyone knows of a reasonable upholsterer, as well as someone that make slipcovers in the Salt Lake/Utah valley area I would appreciate the referral!

4 Responses to “$5 Fabric Sale in Salt Lake City”

  1. Terri Says:

    I think we should learn/tackle this ourselves, and then we can help/teach everyone to do-it-themselves too!

  2. LB Says:

    Great idea, Terri! I’ve heard it is easy, once you learn the basics.

    Em, I love your fabric choices for your Louis chairs. They will look stunning in the classic stripe and damask fabrics. I like the trendy Ikat fabric too and your idea to turn them into throw pillows. What a fun and chic way to combine classic with trendy! :)

  3. Bri Says:

    Em you could totally do the Louis chairs yourself. There are lots of reupholstering tutorials online. My mom and I reupholstered a chair last summer. It looks really nice a professionally done. It helps to get all the old fabric off. You can then use it as templates for the new fabric. All we need was a staple gun and a few extra hands to get the fabric taut enough. You could totally do it. Not sure about the slipcovers…but I am sure there are great tutorials for that too. Great fabric!

  4. Monique Henderson Says:

    A neighbor of mine, who also happens to be an interior decorator refered me to “Shelly’s Slipcovers” 801-789-5931 she did some white denim slipcovers for a couch and two wing chairs, and several pillows, I think she is great. my # is 801-616-0111 if you have any ??’s , other wise call her! Hope this helps!