Cosmetic Tip: What to do with Cracked Makeup

Don’t you just hate it when you see a tiny bit of silver packaging peak through your eye shadow or blush? It’s like the beginning of the end. Sometimes this happens sooner rather than later, but you always know what’s coming next: the cracks, the crumbles, and the mess. :(

At this stage, I’d just keep the fragile  product on my countertop instead of my usual bag, since I’m never ready to just throw the product away. But while witnessing Em put on her makeup one day I noticed she simply places her loose product in a ziplock bag, so it’s still handy to be on the go.

I’ve recently adopted this method myself. Just simply dip your brush into the bag, and apply the makeup as usual. Em thought this process was normal. I thought it was genius, and therefore deserved a blog post!

It makes me feel good to use up every speck product, especially with those pricey ones!

One Response to “Cosmetic Tip: What to do with Cracked Makeup”

  1. LB Says:

    That IS genius! I never thought of that either. . . very clever Em, thanks.