Crazy for Ikat

I am always hesitant to use trendy patterns in my decor in case I tire of it quickly and waste my money. I think Ikat is super trendy right now, but I am still crazy for it! I have tried to resist the print thinking I will soon be over the look, but I just think its bold design is just perfect for summer.

Just an hint of Ikat in a room may be a safe solution, rather than huge commitment piece like a sofa or custom drapes. Here are a few things I am in ideas I am liking.

This roman blind is the perfect place to add a trendy pattern. Its single window takes away the commitment that a room full of windows needing traditional drapes would require. Kitchens and bathrooms are the perfect place for roman blinds.

An Ikat ottoman works wonders in adding a little interest to a very neutral room:

Throw pillows are my favorite way to switch things up in the house. If I were single right now this would be my pillow of choice, paired with white bedding (I’m pretty sure Brad would veto the amazing hot pink back):

gray and white 20″ x 20″ pillow cover $48

Here, Ikat table runners make this tablescape fantastic. Using a trendy pattern on your dining table or hung as a panel on the wall would be a fun alternative to changing throw pillows. Wouldn’t you just love to throw a summer party full of color like this?:

image unknown

What do you think? Are you over Ikat or still lovin’ it?

2 Responses to “Crazy for Ikat”

  1. LB Says:

    Your party style solution is such a clever use of trendy fabrics. I would love to step into this photo and host a summer party or our annual family “pink” tea party with pink pinwheel sandwiches, strawberry lemonade, red velvet cupcakes, etc. (Our party started for all the little girls in our family. It quickly became a hit with all the cousins, mother’s, and grannies alike.)

    BTW… I do not generally gravitate to yellow in my own decor, but I’m loving the yellow and grey roman kitchen shade. I would definitely be tempted to give it a try. Love it!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Love the table runners! And you are right. I should change up my wall hangings more often. For a yard of fabric ,I’d feel excited every time I walked into the room.