Handmade Clay Buttons

When I was a wee teen, one of my hobbies was to make jewelry and miniature cakes (for my Victorian bakery) out of Polyclay. For whatever reason I never packed my tools and my hobby was left in England along with my minature shop.

Recently, I’ve been craving my old craft so I decided to purchase a block of clay and play. My first project was these simple buttons.

It was so much fun reviving something I used to enjoy so much. And as for the end product…I thought it added a nice new touch to the classic brown paper package that I never tire of.


3 Responses to “Handmade Clay Buttons”

  1. Terri Says:

    Love them!!!!

  2. LB Says:

    I agree with Terri. These are really fun. I look forward to seeing other Polyclay projects you might create. :)

  3. Miriam Says:


    these are adorable – pls post a how to tutorial!

    Mim x