Martha Stewart Brass Hardware

I’m more of a silver and white kinda gal. Emi is more gold and white. Browsing through her pinterest pics she almost has me converted.

Gold adds an essence of warmth, and a touch of glamor. I’m happy to see it being used more and more when it comes to hardware, because how much brushed nickel can we all take?

I want to have brunch in this kitchen:

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When I’m at the Home Depot I prefer to browse while the hubs goes off and does his thing. It seems always gravitate towards the hardware isle, where I find all sorts of lovelies. On my last trip I noticed that Martha Stewart’s Brass Hardware had all been price cut.

This Matchbox Catch is only $6.97, and this Awning Cup Pull only $3.48. That’s about a 1/3rd of Restoration Hardware prices.

I wish that I’d not had the builder do all ours, it’s so much more fun to add your own little details like this, plus they never center things exactly right!

One Response to “Martha Stewart Brass Hardware”

  1. LB Says:

    I have never considered using the matchbox catch before this post. Now, I really would consider it. I’m sure it would add a little security too in “earth quake” country… not to mention, style! I’m amazed how much hardware can alter the look of a kitchen. :)