Minnetonka Moccasins

On our last trip to Yellowstone National Park it took me approximately 1.5 days of being out in the middle of nowhere to want to add a little cowgirl/ Sacajawea to my style. Then, there they were – Minnetonka moccasins – at a little gas station in West Yellowstone, WY.


I’ve known moccasins have been all the rage for some time (Jaime and Kristina- you guys rock them), but I had NO idea how comfortable they were! Why did nobody tell me? I could not leave the store without a pair, and now I want to wear moccasins all day, every day and want everyone else to wear them too!

I went for 100% comfort and bought soft-soled classics like these (aka heaven on earth):

basic minnetonka moccasins $39.95

I think Sarah would look cute in these:

white driving minnetonka moccasin $49.99

And How about these ones for future offspring?

baby minnetonka moccasin $19.00

Adorable! I have decided they would make AWESOME gifts. Men, grandparents, and all those hard-to-buy-for peeps on your list…seriously who wouldn’t want a pair of heavenly moccasins for slippers or everyday use?

You have to check out the whole Minnetonka collection HERE. Which ones would you choose?

2 Responses to “Minnetonka Moccasins”

  1. LB Says:

    Those baby moccasins are ADORABLE. I enjoyed checking out their whole women’s collection. I’d love to try their Soho and Boca slides. I don’t think I could pull of the front-laced knee high boots, but I’d sure like to try them out. :)

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