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A Garden Tea Party

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

For the past 3 weeks we’ve had our big sissy Helen in town with her family. We’ve enjoyed plenty of days at the shops, pool and local hot spots, but one evening we were invited to our friends house for a garden tea party with just the ladies.

Jackie is a fellow Brit we’ve known all our lives, Helen was even her bridesmaid in her very Princess Diana-ish wedding. It had been more than a few years  since we’d had a good visit, and Jackie wanted to show us her English garden she’s created. It was truly amazing, we felt like we were back in Cheshire…not in West Jordan Utah!

Thanks Jackie, we all had a lovely evening…especially the little ones. :)


$5 Fabric Sale in Salt Lake City

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Last week I heard a rumor that there was a fabric store in Salt Lake City with a 50% off sale. As I am currently looking for fabric for my Louis chairs as well as slipcover fabric for these sofas I thought I better go check it out.

Located at 2253 S 500 E, Design Company Fabrics was insane! They are having a drop-down sale where price per yard drops every week. I was happy with the selection, and extra happy to find these fabrics on sale for $7 a yard.


The stripe is a gorgeous linen that I am going to scotchgard with this and use on the front of my louis chars. I am hoping for an end result something like this Ballard Design Louis chair:

Have any of scotchgarded fabric before? Have you liked the result?

The chenille damask is so luxurious, and will be for the back of the oval on the louis chars.

I am tempted to use the ikat print for the back of the oval instead, as it matches really well with the stripes. I think I better take my own advice and use the ikat for throw cushions instead?

If you are in need of some inexpensive fabric today, July 23rd marks the first day of drop-down price of $5 per yard at Design Company Fabrics!!! I think I might need to take another look…

If anyone knows of a reasonable upholsterer, as well as someone that make slipcovers in the Salt Lake/Utah valley area I would appreciate the referral!

Small Space Storage Solution: Plastic Cutting Mats

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Today I’d like to share a tip on helping to survive in a matchbox-sized kitchen.

Often, I find it hard to function in my small kitchen. Sometimes it feels like if I pull one thing out of a cupboard the whole kitchen will fall down on top of me. My cutting boards were no exception to this, it was a battle every time I wanted to cut up a tomato!

When I saw these mats in a shop one day they looked very enticing.

Their thin structure, non-stick backs, and labeled function found a way into my shopping cart very quickly.

I came home and weeded through my mountain of cutting boards (don’t ask me how I accumulated so many in three years) and replaced most of my boards with these mats.

Not only do these mats eliminate clutter and save space, but as we live without a dishwasher they help us stay nice and clean by avoiding cross-contamination.

They have held up really well and think they would make a helpful addition to any home.

Caldrea Cleaning Products

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Have you guys tried Caldrea cleaning products? They are so amazing. I was introduced to the line one night at my parents, while cleaning up after dinner. Their fragrant and sudsy dish soap made me feel like Snow White. I literally could have ‘whistled while I worked’ all night long…

I am all about anything that can make the mundane tasks in life a little cheerier and this, my friends is one of them.

Their logo of ‘Beautifully clean, elegantly green”  sums up their essential-oil and earth-friendly based products beautifully.

Caldrea’s summer sale is currently on offering 25% of their whole inventory!

To shop click HERE.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes: Picnic Style

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

 This post brought to you by: The Sweet Tooth Fairy


While planning for mum’s picnic party, we were struggling with ideas for dessert. Again we needed something easy and delicious, this is where The Sweet Tooth Fairy came to our rescue!

We think they are by far the yummiest cupcakes in Utah, and we love that they even had to-go packaging that matched the our theme of pretty and easy!

At the picnic we simply placed them in rows and let their appearance do all the work, no cakestands or even plates necessary.  However, they didn’t sit looking pretty for long as they were devoured almost instantly; and each guest insisted their flavor cupcake was the best. :)

Mum’s fave was the seasonal Pina Colada, it looked perfect with a single candle.

These cupcakes were the icing on a relaxed party, but I’m now convinced they’d make exceptional additions to any picnic.