Small Space Storage Solution: Plastic Cutting Mats

Today I’d like to share a tip on helping to survive in a matchbox-sized kitchen.

Often, I find it hard to function in my small kitchen. Sometimes it feels like if I pull one thing out of a cupboard the whole kitchen will fall down on top of me. My cutting boards were no exception to this, it was a battle every time I wanted to cut up a tomato!

When I saw these mats in a shop one day they looked very enticing.

Their thin structure, non-stick backs, and labeled function found a way into my shopping cart very quickly.

I came home and weeded through my mountain of cutting boards (don’t ask me how I accumulated so many in three years) and replaced most of my boards with these mats.

Not only do these mats eliminate clutter and save space, but as we live without a dishwasher they help us stay nice and clean by avoiding cross-contamination.

They have held up really well and think they would make a helpful addition to any home.

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