Geneve Rug at Ballard Designs

I love a good rug. In my opinion a rug can take an empty space and turn it in to a warm and cozy place instantly. More importantly, rugs protect the flooring beneath which is why it is a good idea to use them high-traffic areasBy the front door, the kitchen sink, and major hallways are all places where it is a good idea to protect your floors.

The key to rug happiness is to buy them as inexpensive as possible, that way once they are grubby or don’t wash well they get thrown out without hesitation. I often find small 2’x3′ rugs on clearance for about $5 at Target and Walmart.

I am also partial to indoor/outdoor rugs. I think every home needs nice cozy rugs in the living room or bedrooms, but  indoor/outdoor rugs are so durable for high-traffic areas and I love the way they feel under my feet.

I’ve had my eye on the Geneve rug at Ballard Design for some time. I love the simple geometric pattern that is so hot right now, as well as the price tag on the 1’11” x 7’6″ runner: $39!

I think it would be the perfect addition to any hallway to add a subtle pattern and to protect your flooring…something like this:

Do you love rugs as much as me? Where is your favorite place to purchase them and favorite spot to have them in your home?

2 Responses to “Geneve Rug at Ballard Designs”

  1. LB Says:

    I like the look of natural rugs. I purchased one from Target. It’s held up pretty good even with two small indoor dogs who love to run and chase each other. However, I quickly admit it isn’t as soft as a plush carpet. There are times when I really miss a soft surface under my toes. I guess that is why they invented ultra soft slippers.

  2. Beth Says:

    I prefer persian rugs. Real deal wool ones, not the nylon/acrylic knockoffs. I’ve picked up quite a few at estate sales and antique malls for good prices. Not super cheap, but they last forever! They hide all indiscretions that go along with 3 boys and dog hair. Each one is unique, and I can pull out any one of their many colors to change decor over the years.