Household Tip: Repurposing a Cooling Rack

In the past little while, we’ve been really enjoying watching some of the British comedies I grew up with. They helps us unwind after a stressful day, and a half hour show is a perfect night cap! This is slightly problematic coz have to play them on my laptop since they are uk dvds so our ‘no tv in the bedroom’ rule is kinda being broken, as the bed is too comfy to resist. :)

Another downside is that my laptop was getting way overheated, so one night I thought of using a cooling rack to help it ventilate. It works perfectly, and has permanently moved from the kitchen to my nightstand. I love quick and free fixes!

We’re also in the market for an external speaker, to amp up the tunes. This one (found HERE) as been a hit in our sista’s home, and for around $20 I think we’ll give it a whirl.

Simple pleasures peeps, simple pleasures!

One Response to “Household Tip: Repurposing a Cooling Rack”

  1. LB Says:

    I love British comedies! :)