Make-up on a Budget: Save $250+ a Year

In college I loved to buy make-up. I would eagerly await my paycheck so I could run to the MAC counter to pick up a new eye shadow.

Now that I’ve mostly figured out what make-up and application techniques works for me I don’t get all that excited to try something new, and the expense of buying products at the department store hurts. I would much rather be spending my money on a new throw pillow or candles than eye shadow.

I also feel that grocery store brand cosmetics have improved over the years. Maybe I wasn’t paying too much attention in the past, but now with my eyes open to store sales and manufacturers coupons I haven’t been able to resist the low prices on grocery store brand cosmetics.

Sometimes you will take a hit on a new product at the grocery store, you spend a few dollars and discover as soon as you open the product it won’t work. A bronzer that is grainy and orange, or an eyeliner pencil that wont even apply on your eyelid, what the heck?

However, more times than none I’ve found great comparables to my more expensive, department store brands and a few dollars lost on a bad product is outweighed by the savings. By switching just a few basics, I have saved over $250 dollars a year.

 Here are a few winners that are crazy good value in my book.

 #1 Cover Girl ConcealorCovergirl fresh complexion under-eye concealer

My Northern England genes have given me some major dark circles under my eyes. Concealor is the product I cannot live without. It has to be a miracle worker. I have tried every department store brand out there and this under $6 covergirl concealor is equal if not better than it’s competitors in coverage and quality.

#2 Rimmel London Blush

Rimmel powder blush

Medium-toned skin needs high pigmented products especially in eyeshadow and blush. MAC used to be my number one choice for these. I have found blush to be the easiest thing to match at the grocery store, and this high pigment powder blush from Rimmel London for $4 creates a rosy and pretty glow.

#3 e.l.f. Golden Bronzer

e.l.f. golden bronzer

Wearing 100 spf daily leaves my skin a little ghost-like and some major bronzer is always needed. I am obsessed with this $3 e.l.f golden bronzer. It has the perfect combo of color and glow, not too orange or  shimmery creating a perfect sun-kissed look for summer.

 #4 Victoria Sectret Lip Gloss

Victoria Secret beauty rush lip gloss $5

This shiny lip gloss creates almost an identical look to Clinique’s Superbalm for a fraction of the cost. Only $5 when you buy four, it is great to have a few extra around the house for a perfect last minute gift.

The easiest way to transition from department store to grocery store to match your make-up before it runs out. Bring the product to the store and allow a little times going through different brands to find a close match. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t find a match, just keep the product in your purse for when you go to a different store that may carry different brands or have a wider selection.

Do you have any grocery store brand make up that you can’t live without? I would love to give them a try!

3 Responses to “Make-up on a Budget: Save $250+ a Year”

  1. LB Says:

    I like Cover Girl Professional Mascara with the curved brush.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    thanks for your stamp of approval on these products, very helpful. I liked reading about how you like to spend your money.

  3. Kirsten Krason Says:

    Love that lipgloss! I have it too. I’m so glad to have found your blog :)