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Thinking about Vines

Friday, August 24th, 2012

5 years ago we moved into our new home. While we love our layout and inside features, some aspects of our exterior has always bugged me. One of those being the space between the garage and the master suite windows…it’s just kinda large, flat and very BLAH.

Recently I’ve been noticing houses with vines creeping up them, and I’m thinking this might be a perfect solution to fill in some of that space.

Look how pretty this example is:

I’m thinking more of a flowering vine, instead of ivy…what do you guys think?

Have any of you any idea how I’d do this? Also, do plants like the one above loose all their leafs and flowers in the winter? Another concern is will this increase the amount of spiders and other creepy crawlies inside? If any of you is schooled in such things, please advise!

Ps. Have have a wonderful weekend!

Deal Alert: Chipotle FREE Kids Meal!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

As you guys know we LOVE Chipotle kids meals (“Chip-oat-lay” is how I say it!). They’re fresh, cheap, and extremely yummy; and basically the perfect lunch when we’re dashing around town.

Yesterday we stopped in at the Sugarhouse location, and just when I was about to throw my receipt away I noticed extra text at the bottom of it.

It read “Your kids meal purchased between 8/14 and 8/31 will fund classroom gardens across the USA. Bring back your original receipt between 9/1 and 9/30 to get a free kids meal!”

Whoot whoot!!! How awesome, I helped fund an awesome project and I get to go back for a free meal. Now you tell me where I can eat better for only $4.25 for TWO meals?!

PS. Their portions and selections are way better than this pic, see what we order HERE.

Le Creuset vs Staub

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Thank you everyone for all your advice over the whole Le Creuset issue I’ve been worrying about. I had resolved to wait to buy a large cast-iron pot until we move to a new house, that was at least until Sarah and I stumbled on the annual sale at Williams-Sonoma this week.  There it was the mother of all pots…

The 13 1/4 quart, 22 pounder, Staub Round Cocotte:

Suggested retail on this baby is $500 and guess how much I found it for? $133!!!

Williams-Sonoma has been carrying this brand for some time now. I have never considered it as everyone I know is more than happy with Le Creuset. But this deal got me and as it was the last pot at my store I had to snatch it up.

I’m blogging this for two purposes:

Firstly, to let you know of the insane deal. If anyone is needing a gargantuan pot in your life, run to your closest Williams-Sonoma ASAP.

Secondly, I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand? Apparently this pot is supposed to last longer than a human life, so it is a big commitment for me if I’m going to pass this down to my grandchildren! From the information I can gather from the internet Staub seem very comparable to Le Creuset?

You really should see the size of this thing, it takes up half of our kitchen. If this is a keeper, come winter it really will be the never-ending pot of soup around here.

Traditional Chandeliers

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Growing up I distinctly remember my parents buying a crystal chandelier for our dining room. My Dad hung it with care and I would often watch my Mum and her friend, Barbara clean the delicate crystals. I loved the way the crystals danced the light around the room, and made gatherings around the formal dining table extra special.

Nowadays traditional chandeliers have been put on the back burner to trendier drum shades and pendant lighting, but I am still partial to chandeliers.

I particularly like how a chandelier can create warmth and give a traditional element to a modern space that would otherwise feel cool and sparse.

I was shocked to find while browsing websites how reasonable you can find a chandelier for. Obviously there is a broad range of material, quality of craftsmanship and size, but there are a gazillion out there for under $200.

I really like the simple lines of this one:

Chrome crystal chandelier $134.49

But I am really liking the delicacy and extra sparkle of this one:

New Orleans crystal chandelier $166.99

Now I understand why people hang chandeliers in random places like bathrooms and closets.

Yes, I’ll take a chandelier in the bathroom please! Now I just need a house… How do you feel about chandeliers? Way dated and over-the-top or freaking fabulous?

New at World Market

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Last night, it was a teensy bit cooler. It made me excited for fall and to cuddle up with a blanket and book.

Today I’d like to share a few pieces from World Market (their inventory is so great right now) that would create a perfect library space. I’m thinking traditional moody lighting, chesterfield sofas, leather armchairs, cataloged bookcases etc.

First up is this bookcase that I am totally in love with:

Augustus library shelf $629.99

This tufted banquette is designed for the dining room, but I think it could create a perfect reading nook.

Oyster harper banquette $499.99

Next is the traditional Louis chair perfect for a library. The difference at World Market? The price. These chairs will probably be cheaper than my thrift store finds after fabric and re-upholstery.

Ella side chair set of two $359.98

Lastly, a good pedestal table to hold stacks of books:

Raja pedestal table $99.99

We might need a few accent pieces too:

Brass stand globe $29.99

Union Jack lumbar pillow $19.99

World Market is currently offering free shipping on orders over $100 with promo code ‘DISCOVER’.