Summer Treat: Frozen Bananas

I am a huge fan of bananas. I could easily eat a couple a day, in my opinion they are the perfect snack. Delicious, healthy, inexpensive and requiring zero prep, what’s not to love? I’ll tell ya what… a ripe one. I like a banana that’s still a little green, and on hot August days bananas ripen too quick for my liking. I therefore peel and wrap in cling-film and throw them in the freezer for later use in smoothies.

Then I remembered a Balboa Island/Disneyland favorite treat: frozen bananas. You know? Just like Bluth’s Original Banana Stand on Arrested Development?

I have been enjoying a plain frozen banana sliced as a refreshing treat all summer, and of course I had to check out Pinterest, to see if anyone had tried a banana stand home-made rendition:

Err is that banana + peanut butter cups?! My plain, unadorned treat is not looking too great now! I have to try these out!

Anyway I’m really enjoying this healthy alternative to other frozen treats and thought you might like it too :)

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