Traditional Chandeliers

Growing up I distinctly remember my parents buying a crystal chandelier for our dining room. My Dad hung it with care and I would often watch my Mum and her friend, Barbara clean the delicate crystals. I loved the way the crystals danced the light around the room, and made gatherings around the formal dining table extra special.

Nowadays traditional chandeliers have been put on the back burner to trendier drum shades and pendant lighting, but I am still partial to chandeliers.

I particularly like how a chandelier can create warmth and give a traditional element to a modern space that would otherwise feel cool and sparse.

I was shocked to find while browsing websites how reasonable you can find a chandelier for. Obviously there is a broad range of material, quality of craftsmanship and size, but there are a gazillion out there for under $200.

I really like the simple lines of this one:

Chrome crystal chandelier $134.49

But I am really liking the delicacy and extra sparkle of this one:

New Orleans crystal chandelier $166.99

Now I understand why people hang chandeliers in random places like bathrooms and closets.

Yes, I’ll take a chandelier in the bathroom please! Now I just need a house… How do you feel about chandeliers? Way dated and over-the-top or freaking fabulous?

3 Responses to “Traditional Chandeliers”

  1. Terri Says:

    Freeking Fabulous for me!!!! The one in the photo of the bathroom, was the Costco one I bought for the dining room. It was too heavy for the support available over the dining room table. Now I wish I had thought of other places for it!!!! It was Swaroski and reduced in price to $199, gorgeous!

  2. LB Says:

    The nice thing about modern eclectic is that you can choose pieces that you love, so I say, “Go for it!”

  3. Suzanna Says:

    Swoon. That is all. Swoon.