Wooden Blocks at Costco

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Question: do you get excited when you start seeing Christmas merchandise in stores? Or does it bug you, since usually it’s pretty early?

I’m the kinda gal who starts getting all giddy as soon as I see any sign of Christmas, but sometimes I need to remind myself to relax and enjoy the season we’re in.

Having said that, on my last trip to Costco the exciment crept in as I saw the new toys that just arrived for the season.

This wooden block set was my fave:

It’s priced at only $27.99! Which seems amazing for the quality, plus an almost identical set is on Amazon for $50.

I’ve always loved playing with blocks, and whenever I get the chance I’ll still sit and replicate a famous building or two before a destructive toddler with come and knock it down with a big grin…it’s always and intense race, oh the fun. Perhaps I should ask for some in my stocking!

4 Responses to “Wooden Blocks at Costco”

  1. Annette Says:

    So sad! I would have bought these for James instead of the Melissa and Doug blocks had I seen them first. Killer deal. They look exactly the same.

  2. Brea Says:

    My dad made all us kids a wood block set identical to this! It’s just like the set we had as kids.

  3. LB Says:

    Although my kids are grown, we still have plenty of little ones visiting from time to time who can’t wait to get into the toy closet and find something really special. This set would be a wonderful addition. Thanks!

  4. Mark wesselman Says:

    I really enjoy the blocks but we can’t seem to get them all back in the handy box always one left. Any tips to ease grandpas frustration.