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DIY Simple Pine Cone Garland

Friday, September 28th, 2012

About a week ago I hung my fall pine cone garlands outside in hopes to spur on the Autumn chill. It seems to have worked, and today I managed to wear a scarf without passing out!

I made these garlands about 6 years ago, and still hang them every year. Because they are so easy and cute I thought I’d share a quick tutorial so you can make your own (if you so wish)!


All you’ll need is some ribbon, twine, and pine cones:


Then, just tie a knot around the base of the pine cone with the ribbon.

Last, tie that ribbon onto a longer piece of twine and ta dah, you’re done!

The more you add, the fuller your garland will be. It’s also fun to add other bits of nature, try twigs or large acorns.

Babysitting Trick

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Being an Aunt is one of my favorite titles. I’ve owned it proudly since I was 12, and I shamelessly compete for my nieces and nephews affection.

A couple of times a year my siblings ask me to babysit while they take exotic vacations, and although I love playing mum, it’s exhausting. So by the time bedtime rolls around, I’m more than ready for some down time, and really want them to go to sleep…and fast!

Recently, I came up with a little trick that works miracles and guarantees kids are a sleep in five minutes or less…

After stories and prayers, I tell them that if they are asleep by the time I come back in five minutes they’ll wake up to a little treat at the end of their beds. I’m totally shocked how well this works, in fact it’s become one of things they look forward to when I come and stay.

As there’s usually four kids for more than a week, so keep my treats small. All of the above were things I found between 1¢ – 50¢ at Target, The Dollar Tree, and Michael’s. So for $1 a night I have peace and quiet from four kids, now that’s a bargain!

It really doesn’t matter if they’re not quite asleep when I check, as long as they’re quiet they soon will be. It’s a win win!



Halloween Gift + Shipping Tip

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

As I’m sure you guys know shipping can be excruciatingly expensive, even a little extra weight can really cost you. Therefore, when it comes to gift wrap we choose tissue paper over regular wrapping paper, for the weight and flexibility.

It’s a good idea to add a sheet of white tissue paper under the patterned one, so you can’t see through it. Then just add a bit of ribbon, and that’s that…off to the post office.

There’s nothing like opening your mailbox to a pretty parcel, it makes me feel so loved!


Target Tuesday: Black, Cream + Gold

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I am so in love with Target right now. I think I could drop all of our hard-earned money there very, very easily and there is only one reason why:


The store is full of this color combo and has me oohing and ahhing down every aisle:

Target Timeless Collection

 Black stripe lampshade $19.99

Woodgrain pillow $24.99

Black + gold magazine rack $34.99

Merona polka dot shirt $22.99

Metallic circle bolster $19.99

Glamorous, chic and timeless. Can you tell I’m just a little excited?!! And this is just a smidgen of what’s out there..Don’t worry Brad, I will exercise constraint. I will, I will, I will….

Design Tip: Round Mirrors

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Sarah and I love using mirrors in almost every space we design. A mirror can bounce natural light around and help a room reach its fullest potential.

I have a particular soft spot for round mirrors…I can’t get enough of ’em. In fact I think it could be classified as an obsession.

A round mirror on the wall instantly softens harsh angles and creates a welcoming atmosphere. A round mirror will also look great anywhere you put it, I promise! For example…

In the living room…

 an entryway….

above a bed…

…or in the bathroom,

Where ever you want to put it, a mirror really bring a space to life.

My favorite, inexpensive round mirrors have been found at  TJMaxx/Home Goods and Ikea. THIS round mirror for example, is only $15 and would look fantastic anywhere.

How do you feel about round mirrors, do you love them? I hope I’ve helped convince you?!