Design Tip: Round Mirrors

Sarah and I love using mirrors in almost every space we design. A mirror can bounce natural light around and help a room reach its fullest potential.

I have a particular soft spot for round mirrors…I can’t get enough of ’em. In fact I think it could be classified as an obsession.

A round mirror on the wall instantly softens harsh angles and creates a welcoming atmosphere. A round mirror will also look great anywhere you put it, I promise! For example…

In the living room…

 an entryway….

above a bed…

…or in the bathroom,

Where ever you want to put it, a mirror really bring a space to life.

My favorite, inexpensive round mirrors have been found at  TJMaxx/Home Goods and Ikea. THIS round mirror for example, is only $15 and would look fantastic anywhere.

How do you feel about round mirrors, do you love them? I hope I’ve helped convince you?!

4 Responses to “Design Tip: Round Mirrors”

  1. LB Says:

    Wow! All of these mirrors add so much to their space. The entry mirror caught my breath, but I’m not that courageous. For my own house, I’d opt for the bathroom mirrors.

  2. Bianca Says:

    I HAVE been convinced, and I never realized before that it had been round mirrors I had been admiring lately. Please keep the obsessions coming ;)

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  4. Kaitlin ray Says:

    I came to your blog just when I was searching about round mirrors . I am happy that I found your blog and information I wanted… Thanks for sharing