Equestrian Fashion for Less

One of my styles of all time is a preppy, equestrian look. I am pleased the stores are full of it this season, and was particularly surprised by a trip to H&M this week to see such great items:

Thick, stretchy blazer in black $39.95 (currently $30 in store).

Quilted vest in dark blue $39.95.

Jodpur-style pant $12.95.

Black rounded bag $24.95.

I also think these Payless riding boot $59.99 are pretty fab.

Only one thing to say: “Giddy up!”

2 Responses to “Equestrian Fashion for Less”

  1. Terri Says:

    I’d like the boots and the bag please ~ I have the padded jackets and leggins!!!!

  2. LB Says:

    Love the look!