High School Football Coupon Cards

Our baby brother Luke played on his high school football team for four years. As a fundraiser for the team they’d sell coupon cards for $20.

Luke’s long been graduated, but we track down a player and buy a card every September. Not only is it nice to support a team, but the deals on this little baby is what keeps us going back for more.

This year the Timpview card has 18 local businesses offering discounts. Our very favorite is Mageleby’s Fresh, free entree (up to $7) with purchase of entree and 2 drinks. We can’t get enough of their steak salad and battered fries….yum!

This card pays for itself in one visit, so call your local high school and see what they offer, and if any of you are interested in supporting Timpview this year, we can hook you up with someone!

…Go T-Birds!!!

3 Responses to “High School Football Coupon Cards”

  1. john Says:

    Best deal in town!

  2. Coralee Osborne Says:

    Hi i am a manger at an ice cream shop in Plainville, MA. As a kid we had these same team cards with multiple local business on them giving discounts and deals. I was wondering how i could get Summer Scoops my ice cream shop involved!

    Hope to here back soon my contact information is

  3. Sarah Says:

    Hi Coralee! I just bought my new card this year yesterday, so excited for all the discounts!!! I haven’t been involved in the making of the card, but I’d imagine it’d be best to reach out to PTA’s of local schools to see if they are putting together somethings similar. Good luck!