A Morning Indulgence

When we were little, birthday celebrations would start at the crack of dawn with all 8 children piling on our parents’ bed to open presents before school. The birthday child would always unwrap some form of chocolate (usually Maltesers) and willingly share the goods among the family for a birthday breakfast.

Thinking about this now, if I had children there is NO WAY I would let my kids eat chocolate (a) before their breakfast (especially on a school day) and (b) on my white, crisp sheets! I am now realizing my parents were pretty nice :)

I think somehow this morning birthday celebration has been ingrained in me, coz on occasion after a bad night or on a lazy Saturday morning you may find this on my nightstand:

(Sick right?! My mother would not be so proud.)

It’s the epitome of naughtiness for me, and goes against my usual protein and whole-grain breakfast regime. But hey, it helps me feel that life is good and gives me a needed boost on those mornings when I feel like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards.

Anyway, sometimes I feel this blog shows a vision of thrifty, pretty, and organized living. While this is our goal, as  you can see with my lovely breakfast above, I am far from living it perfectly. Isn’t there something to be said though for enjoying the moment and random little indulgences?

I would love to hear how you balance goals in your life…penny for your thoughts?

2 Responses to “A Morning Indulgence”

  1. Terri Says:

    Oh Emily ~

    All that caffine, and food colorants! I appreciate the Occasionally one is allowed to Relax somewhat, BUT it isn’t you birthday until the 16th……………………..

    Actually Dad and I have been having the strangest breakfasts just lately, so I am not in a position to comment. Yesterday morning we had cheddar cheese and tomato party sandwitches that were left over from the Bridal Shower the night before, followed by jam and cream scones, unconventional but yummy!

    m ~x~

  2. LB Says:

    One of my favorite ideas came from a friend who had a backwards day. Her family started the day with dessert. So, my feeling is… why not indulge–especially if it is occasionally. How about Nutella on toast with a glass of milk. (Haven’t you seen their ads? It’s a perfect breakfast!)

    As for my stress reduction idea… I’d have to say laughter. I try to laugh every day. On especially stressful days, I may look a little like a lunatic laughing all the time while in full frenzy, but it helps. Perhaps I should consider a mad scientist costume this Halloween… ;)