An Organized Pantry

A beautifully organized pantry is a sight to behold, but can sometimes seem overwhelming and unattainable.

Today I’d like to share just few of our favorite pantry organization tricks to help your pantry become a little more efficient and organized.

#1 Group Complimentary Items Together

It makes no sense to be pulling all of your ingredients for your favorite lasagna recipe from all over the kitchen. Most people store grains with grains or canned food all together, but come dinner time it makes a lot more sense to keep pasta next to tomato sauce, rice next to stir fry mix, and baking supplies all together.

This dreamy baking cupboard holds baking ingredients and supplies alike in one place. Below items are grouped for meal preparation.

Grouping items like this helps me so much with mean planning, I can see exactly what I have and what I’m missing for any given dish.

#2 Store Bulk Items Somewhere Else

The number one problem we see when organizing is trying to cram too much into a space. When you have a cluttered pantry, food often gets lost and expires before use.

By storing bulk items in another location such as the garage or basement, and leaving just 2-3 of the particular item in the pantry, you free an incredible amount of space, allowing everyday food to be arranged so it can be clearly seen.

#3 Baskets, Baskets, Baskets!

Baskets are a fantastic way to group identical items, such as those ten different kinds of rice or noodles you have.

Another idea for baskets that I love comes from a family I used to babysit for. They had a snack basket, located on a lower shelf in the pantry, where the kids could help themselves to a snack everyday from the items in the basket (fruit leather/granola bars etc). I loved this idea so much, I do the same thing for Brad and me!

#4 Clear Containers

This is one example of how you can change just one thing and make a huge difference in your pantry. We love these plastic containers, especially for cereal.

clear plastic cereal container $3.99

These containers makes it easy for kids/husbands to pour cereal in a flash without having to hassle with clipping the plastic bag and closing the cereal box nicely. It’s also is easier to see when your stock is running low.

Most people keep cereal on one of the top shelves or cupboards in a kitchen. We suggest if you have children, to keep it on a lower shelf. In our experience, kids love to feel independant getting their cereal in the morning and when they’re big enough can pour it themselves.

Overall, with pantry organization you should keep on switching things up until you have a system you are happy with, don’t give will get there!

Do you have any great pantry organizing tips? We’d love to hear…

3 Responses to “An Organized Pantry”

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    I love your idea for storing individual meal preps in one container. What a good idea! Thanks for your other tips too!!! :)

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