New Coats

Normally I would be very unhappy to wake up on my birthday to rain clouds and blustery wind, but not this birthday…

Haha, I’m such a poser when Sarah is behind the camera! Cold weather meant I got to wear my new, lovely Michael Kors coat that the mam and paps got me for the big 3-0. I had to blog about it because Sarah and Mum found it for 75% off at Nordstrom Rack! The Rack has such a great selection right now. If you need a new coat, start here. Thanks Mum and Dad, I l-o-v-e it!

On another note, a five minute trip to Walmart over the weekend resulted in an equestrian find. An English/horsey jacket is something I’ve been coveting for Fall. Not the most flattering, but for $18.96 I will come and clean out the stables in it.

ps. The black is way cuters, but the green matched my wellies :)

p.p.s. I just realized, two coats in one week?! I got majorly spoiled this week! Thanks peeps for making the big birthday extra special xxx

One Response to “New Coats”

  1. LB Says:

    Happy birthday! Your new coats are very stylish. :)