Black Friday Shopping List

Last year’s post covered all our favorite tips when it comes to Black Friday (read HERE). We’ve found it helpful ourselves to look over it again; not only to get us in the mood, but to start making our lists of our favorite finds.

Here’s what we’ll be looking out for at Target:

First and foremost Target is our place for movies. This year some dvd’s are even priced at $1, but we’ll be on specifically on the hunt for Brave $10, Sherlock Holmes $4, and Pride and Prejudice on Blue-Ray $6.

Next, these little vacs are an amazing price. Our older sissy has them for her kids as they’re light enough for them to use, and handy to have little vacuuming helpers!

These throwback headsets look like a fun stocking stuffer. I’ll take one in silver please. :)

And finally, some clothing finds can be ridiculously priced. Chello these skirts are to die for at only $3…holler!!

See HERE for all of Target’s Ad.

At Walmart we’ll be looking for:

Ridiculously priced sheets! $19.99 for 700-thread count is insane, we can’t even find clearance sheets this inexpensive!

We love a good foam topper and have been on the hunt for a while. With a price of $29.88 and a 5-year warranty we will be giving this one a try.

Our mother has us addicted to crisp, white washcloths. When they get too grubby we use them as cleaning rags. This is a steal at $.18 each!

See all of Walmart’s ad HERE.

Do you have your eyes on any crazy deals? We’d love to hear your picks..

2 Responses to “Black Friday Shopping List”

  1. Terri Says:

    I bought the P&P DVD (not Blue Ray) at Target last night for $5, yay!

  2. LB Says:

    Santa’s heading to the bed and bath department at Target… ho ho ho…