Layering the Home for Fall

The cold is bleak and makes me Any of you living with single paned windows like me? This along with a natural body temperature similar to the Cullen family requires more than putting the thermostat up to make things cozy around here.

The first thing to do is pull out extra pillows and throws in the living room. I need a throw within an arm’s reach, so sofa arms are covered with blankets. Layering is the easiest way to create natural warmth in a room.

The same rule for the living room should be applied in the rest of the house. Layering different textured and weights of pillows and blankets creates an extra inviting bed.

(A tip for the wise is to prep the bed before the hubs, if not blankets and pillows will be tossed astray in every direction around your room!)

In the warmer months I like to accessorize sparingly. In the cooler months the opposite should be true. Pull out all the frames, candles and accessories to create layers and vignettes throughout the home.

Sarah’s bookcase is layered with storage boxes, vintage cameras, cake stands, vases and natural elements of wicker baskets and bark. Fall perfection in my eyes :)

Lastly, lighting and candles can create a cozy ambiance like no other. I am petrified of open flames so please be careful with this one!

Do you layer your home in the fall? What are your tips to create a warm and inviting home this season?

2 Responses to “Layering the Home for Fall”

  1. LB Says:

    Cozy… It seems natural to think of layering clothing when it turns cold, but I’ve never considered layering to add warmth to my winterized home. Smart and practical! :)

  2. Helen Says:

    I’ve had my pumpkin candle burning all day. I love it so much I’ve carried it from room to room with me!!!! My blankets are out. I’m taking a fancy to the fake furs though may have to get a couple of those!