Sarah’s Christmas Decorations 2012: Pink Guest Bathroom

Merry Chirstmas Everyone!

I’ve been dying to say that for weeks, but waited until our first decorations post to publicly shout it, and boy does it feel good! I’m not done decking my halls yet since I like to take my sweet time. But I do have one little room to share, my downstairs guest bath.

This year I went against all my natural instincts and chose bold, hot colours. Crazy huh? I’m actually enjoying the mix up, and figured a small space could handle it. What do you guys think, you likey?

To see last years green version, click HERE.

6 Responses to “Sarah’s Christmas Decorations 2012: Pink Guest Bathroom”

  1. Terri Says:

    Love it!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Do you still have the pink/red rug? I want a picture of the whole room.

  3. john Says:

    Not like you to go all colorful, but I like it ~ very jolly!

  4. Sally Says:

    obsessed with it.

  5. LB Says:

    Such happy colors!! Fun and festive… I love it!

  6. Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno Says:

    So pretty and striking! I love it! :)