Silver Spraypainted Christmas Mantle

Good morning everyone. We hope you had a lovely weekend. Today we are excited to share a fun way to decorate for Christmas.

When Sarah created her glam centerpiece it reminded us of childhood Christmasses, when our Mum used to decorate our mantles with sprayed fruit and nuts. The living room mantle was gold, and the dining room mantle silver, and once these decorations were up the mood was set for the Christmas festivities to begin.

We thought it was due time to bring it back. So this year we asked Mum if we could decorate her American mantle and take it back old school with spray paint and adding a slightly modern twist:

We think it did the trick of setting the Christmas mood in the house, as our Dad immediately went into the back yard to clip ivy to spray. It is quite possible that next time we go home, wall hangings and end tables will all be adorned with spray-painted sprigs and garland.

By gathering items around the house and spraying them to match, you can create your own masterpiece in very little time.

We are also available if you would like help decorating for Christmas. Please leave a comment if you would like to learn about our holiday decorating rates.

One Response to “Silver Spraypainted Christmas Mantle”

  1. LB Says:

    Festive and lovely!! :)