Target Tuesday Christmas 2012

I have been resisting the urge of posting Christmas finds at Target for some time. Now Thanksgiving is almost here, I think I can safely post without getting any one too angry :)

I am noticing theme of  Christmas decor I’ve seen this year; rustic, earth elements mixed with super glam-glam, high-shine sparkle. It is a winning combination in my eyes!

1. Silver sequin pillow $24.99

2. Tree trunk porcelain server $12.99

3. Gold Infant Dress $18.00

4. Leaf plate $12.99

5. Owl snow globe $12.99

This is just a mere little sample of the greatness of Target this Christmas, and each store has different stock, so it’s a new surprise at every time! They have me hooked…how about you?

One Response to “Target Tuesday Christmas 2012”

  1. LB Says:

    Yes… I’m also a fan of “Tar-jay”!