Christmas Beauty Shortcuts

The number one thing I hate about doing my nails is how long it take for them to dry. I can sit idle for hours and still manage to smudge the polish (Yes, Mum I’m applying thin coats). Who has time for that this time of year?

This is the number one reason I’ve been in love with OPI’s Opening Night Champagne for several years:

It applies ever so evenly and is hyper-pigmented with it’s metallic, shimmery champagne color that it only requires one thin coat of polish (you can even skip the base and top coat). Five minutes to dry and I’m out the door for all the Christmas festivities. Perfect…

WRONG, the color has been retired and can only be found in England for $30!!!

What the heck? So friends, I’m in the need of a new one-coat metallic beauty, and any beauty shortcut tips, please.

Anyone else running around like crazy with no time to curl their hair?

10 Responses to “Christmas Beauty Shortcuts”

  1. Terri Clayton Says:

    Ask Ger and the girls to look for it, then have Luke bring it back…………….

  2. John Says:

    This morning’s post made me laugh ~ but that is my strange sense of humor ~ funny,funny,funny!

  3. Miranda Says:

    Have you tried essie nail polish? I have this EXACT same problem and it makes me crazy to no end but I’ve found that essie nail polish from target dries quickly and doesn’t chip. Win-win I think. Or my other go to is getting a nail polish with big glittery pieces that way the inevitable smudges aren’t as noticeable. I’ll be watching to see if someone can share a secret that really works :)

  4. LB Says:

    I have had the same trouble with nail polish, so it’s nice to get a recommendation that is proven to work. Thanks, Miranda!

  5. Janell Says:

    I completely agree. I LOVE OPI’s Opening Night Champagne too!! and haven’t found anything I like as much. Keep us posted if you finds something as lovely :)

  6. Breanne Says:

    I recently read a review on the Sephora by OPI Nail Color Drying Drops, have you heard of those? You paint your nails, and then put the drops on your nails, and they help to speed up the dry time. Doesn’t help you find your color, but it might be worth a try for other colors that take longer to dry. :)

  7. Natalie C. Says:

    I have a very similar color by Essie and it dries really fast too!

  8. Sarah Says:

    I have found a very similar OPI color which looks great with one coat but it is a little more sparkly – up front and personal

  9. Sarah Says:

    Here’s the link to amazon:

  10. lisa evidon Says:

    Essie “Penny Talk” is a beautiful metallic color with an updated rose gold tone – covers in 1 coat and dries quickly. I found it at Ulta. I’m not certain if it is a holiday special color or not – so if you find it stock up :)
    Also – I always use OPI Rapidry spray – it really help polish set up quickly.