Gift Idea: Kid Stocking

Our next stocking round-up is for the kiddos. Stocking stuffers can get pricey so we try to keep it simple with a few fun items, yummy treats and a few things for fun activities.

1. New toothbrush: Again, what a better day to break out a new one.

2. Theatre candy: To match a movie gift card.

3. Pringles: Children love a can all to themselves.

4. Disposible camera: We love this idea to catch Christmas through little eyes.

5. Magic bubbles.

6. Small photo album: A keepsake album to store the Christmas memories captured with the disposable camera.

7. Bubble Gum Tape: Novelty tape, full of artificial flavors that wouldn’t normally be allowed.

8. Movie gift card: Perfect for a child to use over the school break.

9. Small flashlight: For reading late at night or for treasure hunts and adventures.

 What are your go-to stocking stuffers that your kids have loved?

3 Responses to “Gift Idea: Kid Stocking”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Thank you, those are some fun ideas

  2. Suzanna Says:

    Okay ladies. I need help. I am in search of lovely, chic bins to organize with. The catch, I want them for less than $10. I mean, I need about ten of them and would prefer not blowing $100 on bins. Can you help me?

  3. LB Says:

    Some years, Santa’s thrown in a movie, itunes gift cards, jewelry, or one of my kids favorite European candies. I really like your ideas. I’ll have to talk with Santa to see if he can try something new this year and include a movie gift card and small flashlight in this years stockings. :)