Gift Wrap: Navy + Gold

 For this look we used every day wrapping supplies and simply added metallic for a festive look.

boxwood clippings_gift wrap, navy and gold

  • The graphic, blue print is an every day wrapping paper found at Target, we call the topper ‘sputnik’ which comes in a two pack at the dollar tree.
  • The gold, zebra present is perfect for the glam diva in your life. You can doll up an ordinary jewelry box with a wild piece of scrapbook paper. This makes it easy to personalize gift wrap to the recipient’s style, and you don’t end up purchasing and storing a roll of wrapping paper you may not want to use again.
  • The large, blue present is navy tissue, wrapped in cellophane for a high-shine look. An expensive ornament found at Target makes the perfect glamorous embellishment.

This ‘wraps up’ our Christmas gift wrap. Hope you have fun with yours and remember to go a little ‘wild’, as after all it’s only gift wrap!

4 Responses to “Gift Wrap: Navy + Gold”

  1. rebecca dowdle Says:

    I love your wrapping ideas! lovely! Question… so we just bought a house and above the fireplace is recessed where they have it all wired to the tv. I can’t have a tv above my fireplace, i just can’t. we are thinking of just getting a sheet-rocker to fill it in…do you have any other ideas you have seen??? i thought the best people to ask are you two :)

  2. LB Says:

    lovely wrapping ideas!

  3. John Says:

    Rebecca, you may want to consider leaving the recess open ( five years down the line you could find yourself moving on, and a new buyer may like that TV option), I like arrangements featuring those larger ornate candlesticks. Hope this helps.

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