Holler Dollar: Window Pane Mirror

On our last trip to the the Dollar Tree, I was ecstatic when I found these gold mirrors. The wheels starting turning for all the possibilities for these mirrors in the new house, but for now we’ve decided to go extra glamorous in apartment #17 for Christmas with a large window-pane mirror.

I heart this $700 window-pane mirror from Pottery Barn, but am equally loving the $12 similar mirror I created by hanging each mirror with a command strip in a window-pane pattern.

I am loving the result! It was so easy it was to hang, as each mirror is very light-weight, and loving how the mirror makes such a statement for $12!!!

If you don’t love the gold, the silver has a lovely matte finish and the black is classic. I am dreaming of this mirror hung above a mantle or above a desk. Fantastic for the money right?

11 Responses to “Holler Dollar: Window Pane Mirror”

  1. Sally Says:

    I’m amazed that those mirrors are only $1. Can you buy them individually in the store? (online it looks like you have the buy the case of them).

  2. Sarah Says:

    Yes, Sally you can buy them individually at the store. On the website you have to buy all of their items in bulk but wouldn’t a 24-mirror large mirror be fantastic?! :)

  3. Kimberly Says:

    yes! great visual effect.

  4. Melinda Says:

    I love this effect! And flip to find that PB mirror every time a magazine drops on my doorstep. I bought a panel of BallardDesign’s ‘Grand Palais’ mirror in an effort to adapt the look to a smaller space. Yours is inspired: it’s far brighter and looks terrific!

  5. Jen Says:

    Just found your blog — love it!! And this mirror idea is genius!

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  7. Amy Says:

    I love this! Did you use just the sticky strip, or the hook as well?

  8. Amy Says:

    Oh, I apologize, I did not see the link to click on. Got it!

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  10. Laura Says:

    The dollar store in my area only has the mirror with a plastic frame, will this have the same look?

  11. Emily Says:

    Hi Laura, for a few bucks it’s worth a try. My bet is that it will look good!