A Pink, White and Silver Valentines

Last year I loved my Valentines decorations in my downstairs bath. In fact they ended up being in there wayyy longer than valentines. So this year I decided to stick with the soft pink and just add some white a silver to cool things up a bit.

boxwood clippings_valentines 3

boxwood clippings_valentines decorations 4

boxwood clippings_valentines 1

boxwood clippings_valentines decorations 5

boxwood clippings_valentines 2

A couple of easy DIY’s were involved in this:

First the spray painted cinnamon sticks in arranged around the candle.

Second the pink artwork, I simply splashed some craft paint on canvas and played around a bit.

Finally the feathered wreath on mirror, I just hot glued a bunch of feathers on a styrofoam wreath layering as I went.

Other than that, all the decorations are 100% Christmas clearance items. Boy do I love making deals look pretty! What are you’re decorations looking like? Email us a pic we’d love to see!

2 Responses to “A Pink, White and Silver Valentines”

  1. LB Says:

    I really like the spray painted cinnamon sticks around the candle and your DIY canvas. Very nice!

  2. Sally Says:

    Cool canvas painting