Design Dilmma: Window Treatments

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I have to admit I’ve been spending way too much time lately looking at window treatments.

The new house will have lots of windows, and treatments are on top of the to-do list.

My number one concern is a cohesive look when looking at the house from the outside. Ideally I would like every window to have moldings added (the windows will be totally bare without any casing), bamboo blinds as well as classic drapery panels…

white drapes + bamboo blinds from

In reality, with budget and time being factors I need to start with something simpler. I need your help and your experiences of what you liked best…

Classic Panels: Easy, breezy and beautiful or annoying to open and close and ‘fix’ each time?

white panel curtains

Roman Blinds: All you need?

roman blind

Plantation Shutters: Expensive, but worth it?

boxwoodclippings_white plantation

Bamboo Blinds: Inexpensive, but do they really keep the light out?

boxwood_clippings bamboo

Can you tell I’ve given myself a headache? I’m trying to steer clear of the classic 2″ blind dust trap, but they are so affordable, easy and unoffensive to the eye. Maybe I should just start with these? Insights and thoughts please!

4 Responses to “Design Dilmma: Window Treatments”

  1. Terri Clayton Says:

    Roman, that’s all!

  2. LB Says:

    If your goal is to have a uniform exterior, perhaps you could just use a neutral color rather than have every window treatment the same. (My solution to indecision… I like each of these window treatments depending on the room.)

  3. Elle Says:

    I second the roman shade nomination- great way to showcase molding (when you can splurge) but polishes off a window nicely on its own.
    If there are any windows in the back of the house (bedrooms) you could play with different window treatments! I think that’d be a good compromise.

  4. HollyC Says:

    I have bamboo shades and while I like the way they look, they are NOT very good at blocking light! Another option for an inexpensive and uniform look is to go with roller shades. When I bought my first house I had the same dilemma and went with blinds from JCPenney, they weren’t super cheap quality, and not really expensive. They blocked the light well and looked good while I was saving for what I really wanted. I do like the roman shades as well. Good luck!