Emily’s Pantry Organization

One thing not so great about our house is the pantry size. It sounds crazy that I’ve been struggling for space in the kitchen after moving from our teeny apartment, but I am learning no matter what size house a little organization goes a long way.

I know this pic isn’t magazine worthy, but I wanted to share how we use our pantry space every day.

boxwood clippings_em's organized pantry

Here are a few tips I’m finding helpful to keep food organized in our kitchen:

Three Tips to Pantry Organization

Menu items together: Pasta with marinara sauce, snacks corralled together, baking supplies and grains on their own shelves. This helps keep things from getting lost as well as faster and easier meal prep when meals are visually grouped together.

Clear glass jars: Jars have helped me maximize pantry space by layering them at the front of each shelf and still being able to see what is stored behind.

Use largest space for bulk items: There is no point stacking small cans on these tall shelves and having them all tumble down when you need one. House small items such as condiments and canned foods in an upper kitchen cabinet, leaving the pantry’s vertical space for your largest items.

boxwood clippings_em's organized pantry

Do you have any good pantry organization tips? I’d love to hear your what works for you!

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